Demo Finished!

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to say that the free trial/demo is complete! Wow, as always these things take longer than expected.

A significant amount of time went into the new visuals and bug-testing to make sure everything was working as intended.

The art assets comprises most of the data of Shivering Hearts rather than the actual game logic, so the new drawings actually make the demo larger than the main game even though it's 1/3 of the length.

This'll be a shorter post as I am nodding off to sleep as I type this, but hoping to post something longer maybe in the weekend.

Next step is now to fix the problems with the Mac versions of both the full game and the demo.




Shivering Hearts - Windows - 584 MB
Jun 05, 2020

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Yay! Can't wait to try it! I hope you are feeling better though. I can imagine it being quite difficult to work while sick.

Aw thank you Teacurry. Yep, I'm feeling much better now. Just found it hard to focus for long stretches, like on Friday I barely left my chair from 11am to 9pm working on this hahaha (not that it's a good thing to neglect health for work).

Thank you again :)