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Phew, that was intense. I've had this Wacom tablet for about 7 years but I never felt comfortable transitioning to it. But this portfolio gave me a lot of practice, especially learning about shading, brush settings, all the stuff that makes digital drawing so complicated. It would've been more ideal if I had a month to polish a crap-tonne of drawings, but I only had time for like 3 drawings before the deadline. But I'm still happy at how they turned out, and it gave me a good opportunity to concept more about SH. Turned them into A3 prints. Itch makes it look smaller, but if you right click -> save JPG they maintain their original quality.

Was thinking about this as a t-shirt concept for the longest time. If I have time I might make it for myself. His lower half needs bit more shading. This took 20~ hours.

Shading abs is the hardest thing ever. Had this pic of Skye in my head while developing the combat for SH. This took 25~ hours.

Rin was originally supposed to be carrying around a sword, hence Milia's parents referring to the pair of them having "weapons" at some point even though they aren't actually carrying weapons in the final game. Decided to go full weeb and learned about katana anatomy which is quite fascinating. This took 10~ hours.

Now that it's submitted, I'm not gonna think about the applications. If I get it, I get it. If I don't, then I don't.

If I do get a job then I'll for sure save up for someone to compose the soundtrack for SH, since I don't know much about music composition. From initial research, costs comes to $200-$600(USD)/min, so 30 minutes would be range from $6000 - $18000. I do have 5+ years experience of playing the flute though, so I'm going to see if I can play and record some pieces. I've been called "unmanly" for knowing how to play the flute, but screw the haters, the flute is a god damn beautiful instrument. Music and sound design is a real important part to the whole audio-visual experience of games, so I would like to go all out if possible.

Anyway, thanks for ya'lls patience. Back to updating Shivering Hearts and Youtube recording + writing.

- Mischa

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