1920 x 1080 Resolution

Just figured out how to import my drawings into RPG Maker MV at 1920 x 1080 through plugins without having the interface scale terribly or cause horrible memory leaks, so glad it runs buttery smooth, on my system at least. Might need some help seeing how it runs on other peoples machines once it's done.


The characters don't walk on a grid anymore either, and all the collision detection isn't handled by the default RMMV tiles at 48x48 pixels which allows much more free and fluid movement.

Will make a video on how to do it after I make the first vid on how I did it at the original 1280 x 720 resolution.

Have a great weekend.


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The walking upgrades sound awesome, as well as the resolution upgrade. I'm sortof newish to itch--how do I tell if a new build is available? I assume this means a new build with these changes is available? I bought/installed Shivering Hearts a month or two back and have not completed it yet, so these updates will be nice to see! 


Aw thanks for the support! I'm pretty new to Itch as well haha, I'm still in the process of replacing all the character and landscape drawings along with bug-testing again for all the game logic to work, but I'm assuming you'd get an email notifying you once I fully upload it. I'll definitely make a community post like this one saying that the new build is available as well.

Nice; thanks for the info!