Demo Update 3

Hi everyone,

Wow, got pretty sick over the weekend ain't gonna lie. Helping relatives move house and working in the rain for hours on end got me pretty bed-ridden on Monday *sweat-drop emoji*. But I'm back into it.

I quite like uploading on Itch. Feels like I have enough space to say what I want.

On one hand I want to talk about all the new ideas I'm wanting to implement and to talk about the emotions tied to the landscape, but on the other hand I want to keep things a surprise. I'll try talk in broad strokes to not give away certain things.

Basically, I want to give players of the demo a unique experience at the end. One that builds up the story and the characters to come, a glimpse into the future if you will. But I also to want to provide a conclusive end to the story in the demo as like, a thank you to everyone.

The writing will also get much more personal than the main game.

The demo would be the first 1/3 (or half?) of the game up to a pivotal point in the story. But instead of waking up in your bed, you find yourself in a strange land and surrounded by corpses of other incarnations of Skye.

I'm going to be working for the rest of tonight, but it's already 6pm here in New Zealand. If I don't get it done by tonight, then I'll spend the rest of tomorrow polishing up everything and bug-testing to make sure everything works correctly.

Thanks again to everyone.

Stay tuned~

Kind regards,


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