Demo Update 2


A broken promise

Making good progress on the demo + new drawing for it. Tried to draw fireflies but they kinda look like floating marbles. About 12 hours of drawing + painting, still more to go as well as importing the drawing into the game. Pretty happy with it. Want to make it real atmospheric, might have to tone down the pencil.

Work Process

Thumbnail Sketch

If anyone is curious, usually my process for designing areas for RPG Maker, I would first do a few concept thumbnail sketches and go with one that I like the best.

Rough Layout

I would then mock up a rough layout using RPG Maker to get an idea for scale and how you can walk through the space.

Save As Image Function

Then using a function that's native in RPG Maker MV (shown above), I'd export that rough layout as a .png file which I then print off onto paper. I will then take a lamp and project light through my glass table to use as a light-table, and then I would draw and paint on watercolour paper to add qualitative/decorative elements such as blemishes, tone, depth, colour, light+shadow, environmental details, all that stuff.

I then crop and isolate that image, import it into RPG Maker, then start setting up characters, writing etc.

This is how playable I've made it at the moment. I'm currently using a parallax image of mountains that comes with RPG Maker MV by default as the background image. This won't be permanent, I'm wanting to draw my own background like these mountains in my style.

And that's a really rough description of my work process. I find that doing this helps me eliminate as much room for error when drawing environments, especially when trying to keep to scale and to make sure that it works in RPG Maker when I import it in.

Gonna have a real busy weekend with family stuff, but will post much more next week. Hoping to have the demo done by next Wednesday.

Kind regards,


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Oh whaaat, really?? I didn't even know that, thanks for telling me. And thanks so so much, that's real sweet of you :)

Congrats on your Android release!

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It's super awesome man, definitely be proud of it :)

It's wonderful to see your dedication and passion for what you do. And I very much appreciate the beautiful handmade graphics, they are really something personal and unique and there are not many games based on RPG-Maker that do this. I'll definitively purchase your game soon.

Wow, thank you so much Athanasius. I'm honestly really touched by all of that, thanks for the compliments. And no pressure about buying it, just hoping to release the demo soon so you and everyone can have a taste :)

Great, I'm looking forward to it!

Have a nice weekend :)

Thank you! I had a very strange weekend, but thank you, hope you did too :)