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Ili is a person haunted by regret and who longs for the past. Your aim is to guide Ili through her past and meet the ghosts from her past. To help her say or do things that she would be too afraid to do by herself. The problems put in front of both you and Ili can be solved in different ways through talking. Do you intend to change the past? Or is it better to make peace with the past and to move on?

Ili is a game with a strong narrative focus, the game has the main character Ili break the fourth wall to acknowledge you, the player, and to bring you into the story as an active participant.

This is the demo for the upcoming game Ili which is undergoing a Kickstarter project to acquire funding for completion.


Currently compatible only with Windows. Mac support will be added if the Kickstarter meets its stretch goals.

Some screenshots don't appear in the demo but will appear in the final game.

How to play:

Arrow Keys or W A S D - To move

Space bar or Mouse Click - To talk

Q - Zoom camera out

E - Zoom camera in

L - See conversation log

Install instructions

Run Ili - Demo.exe to install. Currently only works on Windows.


Ili - Demo.exe 184 MB

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